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Life begins to slow down as we get older. Companionship care Durham understands how difficult it can be to arrange social events around your hectic schedule. It can help to know that you have a friendly, loving partner who regularly visits, whether it's for yourself or for elderly family members who live nearby or across the world.

One of our most popular services is companionship. When one of our care assistants offers companionship care, they become a trusted partner. They can keep you or your loved one socially involved in the comfort of their own home, as well as accompany you or them on visits with friends, relatives, and other social activities.

Experienced Companion Care With Companionship Care Durham

Social isolation is an increasing problem around the country. It can be difficult for many families living far away from loved ones to assist an elderly parent, family member, or friend living alone.

Isolation may be exacerbated by a health disorder or decreased mobility, or simply because there aren't as many friends around that can provide regular companionship care as there once were.

Loneliness may have a negative effect on one's health and well-being, delaying recovery from illness and injury.

Companionship for elderly care can provide a familiar face whenever required and help people regain control of their lives by participating in social events and activities.

Thus, companionship is essential regardless of age, fitness, or where one lives. The importance of making a connection with anyone cannot be overstated. Companionship care Durham believes that everyone, particularly the elderly and adults with disabilities, should have someone with whom they can bond, communicate, and depend on assistance with daily activities.

This assistance may range from simply sitting with someone and talking and reminiscing to accompanying them on visits to see family or friends. Just because someone is getting older or has health problems doesn't mean they should stop socializing. Companion care would make remaining connected and active easy while providing family members with the peace of mind that their loved one has someone they can rely on at all times.

Our Services

Companion care Durham understands that life is simpler and more enjoyable with a bit of help and some good business. We make your day a little better by assisting you in remaining independent and capable of achieving your goals.

Our skilled caregivers can visit you at home and offer the following services:

  • Companionship, fellowship, and emotional support that is caring and enjoyable
  • Assisting in all day-to-day operations
  • Speaking, listening, and telling stories in a heartfelt conversation
  • Client transportation to and from medical appointments
  • Phone check-in service regularly
  • Planning meals, getting groceries & running errands.
  • Reminding patients about their medications
  • Creating and serving light, nutritious, and delectable meals
  • Taking care of minor housekeeping chores
  • Fall prevention – ensuring mobility and protection by avoiding possible fall hazards in the home.
  • Companionship for hikes or visits to the gym
  • Stretching and strengthening the body with light movement is encouraged.
  • Playing games or cards, as well as solving puzzles, provides mental stimulation.
  • Scrapbooking, journaling, sewing, quilting, drawing, or reading can all be used to encourage creativity.
  • Via personal connection and technology, it is now possible to spend more time with family and friends while staying linked to the outside world.
  • Taking loved ones to social or sporting activities
  • Assisting with the preparation of enjoyable trips and visits
  • Keeping track of, reading, filing, and reacting to printed, mailed, or emailed correspondence
  • Organizing local and out-of-town trips
  • Assisting with pet treatment

Our primary goal is to assist seniors in remaining independent at home for more extended periods while providing much-needed respite to family and caregivers.

Don't leave someone who needs continuous assistance isolated and unsupported. Give them the competent, considerate home treatment that a companion care Durham partner can provide.

Our Trusted Care

You won't be left with a stranger when you find your companionship care Durham friend. Your partner would be a perfect match for you. Furthermore, you can be assured that all of our home health aides have undergone extensive background checks and training.

For people of all ages, but particularly for seniors, social interaction is crucial. Having a necessary companion visit, your loved one increases their quality of life and makes them feel more sociable.

We provide more than just senior companionship at companion care Durham; we give you peace of mind and personalized care so you can rest assured that your loved one is safe, protected, and happy.