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The senior home care Durham supports care for the aged 60 and older in family-style living arrangements within private residences. Our home care program allows tens of thousands of people to remain independent in their homes by providing professional nursing and assistance with bathing, grooming, housekeeping, meal preparation, and other everyday chores.

Our certified Home Care Services program offers compassionate and dependable in-home care to help seniors age safely and independently. Our day-to-day caregiving assists in a wide range of everyday life activities. Senior home care Durham aims to promote each participant's independence and enhance their quality of life by assisting with meals, mobility, and personal care.0

Care Services Provided by Senior Home Care Durham

It's becoming more and more popular for people to choose to age in place or stay in their homes as they get older. Thankfully, for many, in-home elder care is a viable choice. With Senior Home Care Durham facilities, your loved ones will remain in their familiar surroundings when seeking assistance, ensuring their protection, health, and happiness.

It can be challenging for loved ones to complete daily activities such as grocery shopping or navigating their homes as they get older. Our elder care Durham team will create a care plan based on your loved one's condition and circumstances, as each client's needs and lifestyle are unique.

We, at elderly care Durham, NC, act as a close companion to your loved ones and are concerned about maintaining good hygiene, a healthy diet, and taking medications as directed by you or your family doctor.

Our mission is to assist those who have insufficient time to care for their families' well-being due to work obligations or do not live close to their parents. Through our senior citizen home care programs for the elderly, we ensure that your parents are well cared for by regularly tracking their physical condition and assisting in reducing hospital admissions by scheduling visits to your home by a doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, and others.

  • Care for the Elderly

    Basic Healthcare is a time-consuming process. Our staff may provide companionship during the day, night, or on a Resident/24-hour basis to help with hygiene, diet, medicine, physical assistance with walker/wheelchair movements, and light massage.

  • Dementia Treatment

    We serve as your loved one's brains, assisting them in preventing memory loss and keeping them engaged in mental activities while also monitoring them to avoid any untoward incidents.

  • Parkinson's Disease Treatment

    Elderly people who have less control over their neuromuscular movements need specialized treatment. Seniors who have shivering arms or legs need physical assistance while eating, sitting, walking, or sleeping to avoid falling or slipping.

  • Paralytic Patient Care is for older adults who are partially or entirely bedridden. We assist in almost all everyday living tasks on the bed and, to the extent possible, prevent further health problems by constant positioning, massage, workouts, and in-and-around movements to avoid unintended health degradation.
  • Care in the Home

    Get personal treatment for seniors in the comfort of your own home, from morning assistance with washing and dressing to assistance with toileting throughout the day. Allow us to assist elders in preserving their quality of life and independence with our domiciliary care services.

We are Dedicated to Our Mission

We are committed to the treatment of senior citizens and those who look after them. We are grateful and proud to have supported so many great people over the years, and we understand the benefits and difficulties of senior home care.


Senior home care Durham is dedicated to providing older adults and those who care for them with education, encouragement, services, and hands-on participation.

Give us a call or send us an email if you need help for your parents or want to learn more about senior services. We will assist you.